Coronavirus … Panic or Pandemic?

Does anyone remember the words of FDR:  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”?

I wonder what he’d say today in light of the current state of PANIC over the coronavirus…

The coronavirus has absolutely dominated the news for the past couple of weeks. Travel has come to a standstill, states are forcing businesses to close, and some parts of the country are already under quarantine. Millions of people are out of work and panicked shoppers have left grocery store shelves bare.

Check out the photos that I took in our local grocery store yesterday. This was the bread aisle, but most of the other aisles were also barren.

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve probably seen something similar. The impact on our social lives and the global economy has been massive, especially in the first few weeks of March. Major events have been postponed, thousands of businesses have been forced to close, and the stock markets have taken a major blow.

Health officials have asked people to practice “social distancing,” where we avoid group events and contact with one another as best we can. Recently, state and local governments have issued emergency orders banning bars, restaurants, gyms, and other social gathering places from remaining open.

In the midst of all that’s happening in the world, there is one underlying disease: FEAR.

People are panicking … begging the government to protect and save them.

But here’s the question few people seem to be asking…

“Do we have enough data to support the panic?

In a recent article by John P.A. Ioannidis (professor of medicine, of epidemiology and population health, of biomedical data science, and of statistics at Stanford University), he made some good points…

The current coronavirus disease, Covid-19, has been called a once-in-a-century pandemic. But it may be an evidence fiasco. … The data collected so far on how many people are infected and how the epidemic is evolving are utterly unreliable. Given the limited testing to date, some deaths and probably the vast majority of infections due to SARS-CoV-2 are being missed. Three months after the outbreak emerged, most countries, including the U.S., lack the ability to test a large number of people and no countries have reliable data on the prevalence of the virus in a representative random sample of the general population.”

He continued:

In the absence of data, “prepare-for-the-worst” type reasoning leads to extreme measures of social distancing and lockdowns. … If we decide to jump off the cliff, we need some data to inform us about the rationale of such an action and the chances of landing somewhere safe.”

Regardless of whether we have enough data or not, it seems like the mention of the “V” word is getting more and more frequent. Make no mistake… a coronavirus VACCINE is coming! Will it be “mandatory”?  Will anyone who refuses the vaccine be ostracized from society or be prohibited from traveling?

In a LA Times article from March 18th, they tell the story of Edward Jenner – crediting him with “saving the most lives ever” with the smallpox vaccine. Then they claim that the anti-vaxxers have “forgotten” about how successful the smallpox vaccine was.

According to the article:

This collective amnesia has allowed for the rise of the anti-vaccine movement, whose irresponsible adherents believe vaccines exist to line the pockets of Big Pharma. They ignore the fact that the smallpox vaccine was so overwhelmingly successful at eradicating the disease that it no longer is routinely given.  Are anti-vaxxers ready to start believing in vaccines again?

Please allow me to retort to this wildly inaccurate article…

Vaccinations became mandatory in England in 1853, and by 1857, fines and imprisonment awaited people who refused to be vaccinated against smallpox. And as Dr. Humphries just mentioned, once smallpox vaccination became mandatory in England, massive epidemics began to occur.  According to official figures of the Register General of England, between 1857 and 1859, there were over 14,000 deaths from smallpox. Then, between 1863 and 1865, there were over 20,000 smallpox deaths. A few years later, there were almost 45,000 smallpox deaths between 1870 and 1872.

Let’s just say that based on those death statistics, the smallpox vaccine was far from “overwhelmingly successful” as the article claims. I’d call that an abysmal failure!

According to Dr. Suzanne Humphries (in her book “Dissolving Illusions”) an interesting phenomenon occurred in a city called Leicester in England, which saw a massive outbreak of smallpox in 1871, despite an almost 100% vaccination rate. Over the next 15 years, the smallpox vaccine was mandatory and they continued to have outbreaks. However, on March 23, 1885, what became known as the “Great Demonstration” against mandatory vaccination took place in Leicester. The residents of Leicester were fed up and held a rally with over 80,000 people participating. They protested mandatory vaccines and actually won their freedom of choice. Over the next eight years, the vaccination rate went from approximately 95% to only 5%. During that period, if someone had smallpox, everyone in the “infected” house was placed in strict quarantine and the house thoroughly disinfected. And guess what happened! The death rates drastically decreased and there were no more outbreaks!

So the lessons we can learn from Leicester and smallpox is that the vaccine did NOT work, but actually CAUSED further outbreaks. Whereas quarantine, disinfection and isolation were successful at mitigating the spread of disease.

And while quarantine and isolation are good ideas, what about FORCED “Medical Martial Law”?

The Coming Coronavirus Vaccine

There are lots of promising, natural treatments available to help combat the virus, but nearly all global effort and funding has been dedicated to the development of a vaccine. In 2015, a patent was filed by The Pirbright Institute for the live, attenuated coronavirus. The application claims that the new virus could be used to create a vaccine for treating or preventing respiratory viruses. The patent was awarded in 2018.

Now, The Pirbright Institute is funded by the UK Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, the WHO, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. All of these entities have been loud supporters of mandatory vaccinations and more government control based on “health concerns.”

And for several years, Bill Gates has been telling us that a pandemic is coming, and in November of 2019, collaborating with the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted “Event 201” where they ran a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic.

But the push for the vaccine has even the staunchest vaccine advocates and scientists worried.

Dr Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, worked on development of a vaccine for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), the coronavirus behind a major 2003 outbreak, and found that some vaccinated animals developed more severe disease compared with unvaccinated animals when they were exposed to the virus.

But the vaccine won’t be available for at least a year, so in the meantime, we’re hearing some bizarre recommendations … like ….


We’re hearing the “doctors” on TV and major newspapers (like the New York Times) recommending that you should get a FLU vaccine to protect against Coronavirus.

But a 2017-2018 study published in the prestigious journal “Vaccine” (a peer-reviewed medical journal) revealed that flu vaccines may increase the risk of infection from other respiratory viruses (including coronavirus), which is a phenomenon known as “virus interference.”

According to the study:

Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus.”

When we look closer at the study, we find this quote:

Examining non-influenza viruses specifically, the odds of both coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals.

In other words, the flu shot increases your risk of contracting coronavirus by 36%!

But What About Italy?

A recent article in Bloomberg (titled “99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness”) illustrates an overlooked variable in the “corona-panic” equation. And this variable would be the status of the immune system in those patients.

The study found the following:

More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who already suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority.”  


The Rome-based institute has examined medical records of about 18% of the country’s coronavirus fatalities, finding that just three victims, or 0.8% of the total, had no previous pathology. Almost half of the victims suffered from at least three prior illnesses and about a fourth had either one or two previous conditions. More than 75% had high blood pressure, about 35% had diabetes and a third suffered from heart disease.”

The Bloomberg article also pointed out that the primary threat is to the elderly (the average age of someone who died was 79.5) and that the fatality rate may have been significantly overblown. Rather than 8%, the fatality rate (for the elderly) may, in fact, be closer to the global average of about 2%.

This new report challenges much of the global reporting on the topic which presents a unilateral narrative that simply being exposed (within six feet) to someone who may have tested positive for the virus is life-threatening, regardless of one’s health status and other precautions one might take, such as supporting one’s immune system.  Elderly people, already taking multiple prescription drugs for chronic diseases, are highly susceptible to opportunistic infections due to their chronic conditions, the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals, and subsequently weakened immune systems.

Below is a table indicating the COVID-19 fatality rate by age.

As is evident, those who are younger than 60 years old have less than 1% chance of death if infected.

What About the PCR Test?

According to David Crowe (a Canadian software and telecommunications engineer with a degree in biology who is an expert in global infections such as SARS, Ebola, and flu), the coronavirus panic is an irrational panic, based on an unproven RNA test called “polymerase chain reaction” (PCR).

In his own words:

The coronavirus test is based on PCR, a manufacturing technique. When used as a test it does not produce a positive/negative result, but simply the number of cycles required to detect genetic material. The division between positive and negative is an arbitrary number of cycles chosen by the testers.

In layman’s terms, Mr. Crowe suggests that since the PCR test looks for RNA, there is no proof that it detects a virus.  Furthermore, there is no proof that the virus causes disease. He asserts that the data is being interpreted to benefit the viral theory, and there is zero concern for false positive results. He concludes that medical papers are propaganda to increase panic.

He continues:

The world is suffering from a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA is a test for a deadly new virus, a virus that has emerged from wild bats in China, supported by the western assumptions. If the virus exists, then it should be possible to purify viral particles. From these particles RNA can be extracted and should match the RNA used in this test. Until this is done it is possible that the RNA comes from another source, which could be the cells of the patient, bacteria, fungi etc. There might be an association with elevated levels of RNA and illness, but that is not proof that the RNA is from a virus. Without purification and characterization of virus particles, it cannot be accepted that an RNA test is proof that a virus is present.

Mr. Crowe mentions “false positives” and there is a shocking new Chinese scientific paper that calculated the false positive rate for asymptomatic patients as … (wait for it) … 80%!!

And here’s a scientific study published less than 2 weeks ago which shows just under 50% false positives!

So, is this really a pandemic, or are people panicking based on a test which is producing anywhere from 50% to 80% false positives?

Medical Martial Law?

In times of crisis, it’s not uncommon for citizens to willingly give up their rights in the name of “safety” and “the greater good.” The coronavirus scare is no exception. Around the world, tens of millions of people have been placed under quarantine.

Since the outbreak of the virus a few months ago, government officials have exercised unprecedented authority to monitor and detain citizens. The effort to control media coverage has reached a fevered pitch.

The efforts to quarantine those suspected of carrying the coronavirus seem to have had little effect on its global transmission. Nevertheless, millions of people in China and around the world have been put on lock-down. These people are confined to their homes, ships, or temporary “quarantine zones” with no due process.

And although you may expect this kind of authoritarian response in communist China, the west is facing similar detention efforts.

In New York City, thousands of people are currently under quarantine. Although New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claims that most of the quarantines are “voluntary,” many of them aren’t. We saw during the measles “epidemic” last year that Mayor de Blasio has no problem with violating the freedom of American citizens when he tried to force unvaccinated families to receive their shots.

Although New York Governor tried to assure reporters that there are no plans to quarantine New York City amid the coronavirus outbreak, Mayor de Blasio said in an interview on CNN that “We’re absolutely considering that. We’re going to look at all other options, but it could get to that for sure for the whole country.”

San Francisco has already implemented such a quarantine. Officials in six San Francisco Bay Area counties issued a sweeping shelter-in-place mandate Monday affecting nearly 7 million people, ordering residents to avoid any unnecessary travel by any method and only leave their homes for food, medicine and exercise.


Today the “coronavirus-panic” gives government fuel and cover for its assaults on freedom and poses a question the government does not want to answer: If liberty can be taken away in times of crisis, then is it really liberty; or is it just a license, via a temporary government permission slip, subject to the whims of politicians in power?

We have far more to fear from “Big Government” tyranny than we do from any virus. Moreover, liberty is natural and personal. You can sacrifice yours, but you cannot sacrifice mine.

The Good News!

There are natural ways to fight off viral infections and keep your immune system healthy, one of which is vitamin C, which is currently being used in China against COVID-19 coronavirus and has been officially recommended by the Shanghai government.

The coronavirus can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Physicians have demonstrated the powerful antiviral action of vitamin C for decades. There has been a lack of media coverage of this effective and successful approach against viruses in general, and coronavirus in particular.

Is vitamin C a “cure” for coronavirus? The reality is that there is no “cure” for coronavirus (or any virus for that matter). We are exposed to literally thousands of ‘harmful’ viruses each and every day, but with a functioning immune system and intake of natural antivirals, we shouldn’t have to worry about any of the viruses … including coronavirus!

That’s why we are taking Liposomal Vitamin C each and every day. Why liposomal? Because it is the only route of administration that’s as “bioavailable” (absorbable) as IV injections, and it’s much cheaper and less invasive.

Want proof that vitamin C may be an answer? Anyone saying that vitamin therapy can stop coronavirus is already being labeled as “promoting false information” and promulgating “fake news.” Even the sharing of verifiable news, and direct quotes from credentialed medical professionals, is being restricted or blocked on social media.

Another supplement we take every day is iodine. Iodine exhibits activity against bacteria, molds, yeasts, protozoa, and many viruses. Interestingly, of all the antiseptic preparations suitable for direct use on humans and animals and upon tissues, only iodine is capable of killing all classes of pathogens (gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses and protozoa).

According to Dr. David Brownstein:

Iodine is essential to not only fighting off an infection it is necessary for proper immune system functioning. There is no bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus that is known to be resistant to iodine.”

One of the main problems with coronavirus is that it creates a “cytokine storm,” which is induced by the activation of NLRP3 inflammasomes.  According to a recent article from Italy, melatonin inhibits the NLRP3 inflammasome, so it may be a truly unique molecule to fight against COVID-19. Simply stated, adequate melatonin levels may reduce the infectiousness of coronavirus.

Also, silver (colloid) has been utilized as a medicine since ancient times to treat scores of ailments, including the bubonic plague. It works by interfering with the enzymes that allow a virus to utilize oxygen thus, in essence, suffocating it so it cannot do damage in the body. Silver nanoparticles have proven to exert antiviral activity against HIV-1, but the mechanism underlying their HIV-inhibitory activity has not been not fully elucidated. In this study, silver nanoparticles are evaluated to elucidate their mode of antiviral action against HIV-1 using a panel of different in vitro assays.

Interestingly, a little over 100 years ago, during the infamous Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-19, it has been estimated that 50 million people died worldwide. In the USA alone, 550,000 people died, which was approximately 10% of the people afflicted with the flu. Homeopathic physicians documented then more than 62,000 patients treated with homeopathy resulting in a mortality of 0.7%. For people who were sick enough to be hospitalized, conventional medicine had a mortality of 30% while with 27,000 documented hospitalized cases, homeopathy was reporting a mortality of 1.05% (Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy 1921; 13:1028-43).

Remember … when it comes to the coronavirus (or any other bacteria or virus for that matter) …

Don’t worry … BE HEALTHY!


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Pandemic: Is It Real Science?

Jon Rappaport – 3/20/2020

This article is about fake science and the medical professionals who are hypnotized by it.

32 years ago, just after my first book, AIDS INC., was published, I was speaking with a doctor friend, a brilliant man.  He criticized my strategy of showing how NON-VIRUS factors had destroyed the immune systems of “people with AIDS.”

As evidence, he cited a UCLA study which had looked into the possibility that vast overuse of antibiotics was shredding the immune systems of gay men.  “You see,” he said, “the study found that many gay men who had been diagnosed with AIDS didn’t abuse antibiotics.  Therefore, those drugs couldn’t be the cause of AIDS.”

I was shocked.  I was shocked that this doctor had fallen for absolute nonsense.

First of all, I hadn’t said antibiotics were the cause of AIDS.  He was confused at the starting gate.

To boil it down, my argument, in the book, was: for various specific reasons, HIV had never been proved to be the cause of what was being called AIDS.  And—this was the key—“AIDS” was a label that had been placed, like an umbrella, over a whole host of diverse health conditions.  AIDS is not a disease – it is a syndrome (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). It comes from a number of different causes, depending on which group of people you were talking about.

And, in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, ONE OF THOSE CAUSES, IN SOME GAY MEN, was vast overuse of antibiotics.

My doctor friend hadn’t understood this.


Here is the punch line.  Through his training, he had been hypnotized into thinking that AIDS was one syndrome with one basic cause.  “It had to be.”  99 percent-plus of all doctors in the world had also been hypnotized in exactly the same way.

One label, one basic condition, one germ.

AIDS couldn’t actually be a whole variety of causes, all of which suppress the immune system.  No, no, no.  That would be heresy.

The hypnosis sets up an either-or situation.  “Show us the one cause of the one condition, or go away.”  And that is called medical science.

Imagine the following: six men in New Jersey suffer from sudden bleeding.  So do eight women in New Guinea.  So do twelve children in Uganda.  A team of virus hunters from the CDC decides that all these occurrences must be linked by a common cause.  Which, of course, will turn out to be a virus.  But they’re wrong.  Dead wrong.  It’s not a virus.

In fact, there is no unifying “it.”  The six men in New Jersey were working in a factory where leaking acid fumes were getting into their lungs and creating hemorrhages.  The eight women in New Guinea were farm workers overcome by highly dangerous pesticides, and they bled.  The children in Uganda had been drinking water directly connected to sewage outlets, and in the sewage there were industrial poisons, and they bled.

This was not one condition.  It did not have one cause.  But too late—the CDC moves in, declares it’s all a virus, and the name of the condition is X-32f54d.  Journal articles are rushed into print.  Public health officials warn that X-32f54d could spread…

You get the idea.  The hypnosis works.  It has nothing to do with science.

In the current “epidemic,” we have the same old story.  IT IS NOT ONE CONDITION.  IT DOES NOT HAVE ONE CAUSE.

What are some of the causes which can induce the general flu-like and pneumonia-like symptoms being labeled “coronavirus?”  

Ordinary flu.  Pneumonia from different bacteria, fungi, toxic air.  TB.  Common colds.  Allergies.  In some places, perhaps the rollout of 5G technology.  Toxic vaccination campaigns.  Toxic medical drugs.  Highly toxic and destructive antiviral drugs, given to people who are called “COV cases.”  Immobilization, long-term, in nursing homes for the elderly.  Pesticides causing lung problems.  Industrial poisons causing lung problems.  People who have slight or serious congestion and are afraid they might “have the virus” and show up at hospitals.  Corporate chemical dumping.  Expired and unrefrigerated medical drugs shipped to the Third World.  (The mere detection of elevated body temperature during airport screenings.  People who had contact with other people who have been called “coronavirus cases.”  Overeager and work-harried doctors diagnosing “suspected cases.”)

And so on and so forth.

NOT one condition with one cause.

NOT one condition.

NOT one cause.

Therefore, the “spread and containment of the one virus” is wrongheaded.

“But…but…suppose the patient tests positive for the coronavirus?  Isn’t that some kind of proof?  Doesn’t a positive test connect all these people with different conditions, under one banner?”

No.  I have covered this in other articles.  Even assuming that researchers actually discovered COV—the diagnostic test, at best, might indicate the patient has a tiny, tiny amount of COV in his body.  But, in order to cause illness, he would need to have millions and millions of virus actively replicating in his body.  The test has never been proved to be capable of detecting that.

And on top of all this, the overwhelming percentage of “COV cases” in the world have been diagnosed WITHOUT THE DIAGNOSTIC TEST for the virus.

Therefore, what we’re left with are many people, with all sorts of different conditions, caused by many different factors—irrationally collected together under one label.

“But…but…what about all these people all over the world suddenly getting sick and dying?”

That’s not a true picture.  In many, many cases, these are people who have been getting sick and dying in the same ways people been getting sick for a long, long time, down through history  For example, TB and pneumonia.  In other cases, the causes could/would be new.  For instance, new pollution, a recent vaccination campaign(s), the new rollout of 5G, the accelerated use of antiviral drugs.  The other new factors are the re-labeling of all these people with a novel term: “COV”;

And the press coverage, and the pronouncements of governments.

And then the lockdowns.  And the economic warfare against the people.


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Is The Panic Worse Than The Virus?

Tyler Durden – 3/20/2020

The Great Panic of 2020 is already one for the history books.  Yet the damage has only just begun.  We suspect the stock market crash, economic destruction, and forfeiture of freedoms will persist long after the coronavirus hobgoblin has been put to bed.

With respect to the stock market, the modus operandi of the last 11 years is being stood on its head.  Here’s why…

If you recall the Wall Street crash of 1929 – 30, the U.S. stock market had commenced a multi-year swan dive in autumn of that year.  About that time, the economy also commenced a decade long Great Depression.

Now, given the rapid and relentless stock market carnage over the last month, and the prospect of a lengthy depression, a closer look is in order. What are the comparisons with today?

From September 3, 1929 to November 13, 1929, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) lost 48.9 percent.  Then, as rarely noted, it rallied through April 17, 1930.  This had the adverse effect of luring the crowd back into the stock market just in time for the next massacre.

The 1929 through 1932 bear market, as noted by Pater Tenebrarum, was like a rubber ball bouncing down stairs.  With each bounce, even the most savvy of investors were given another chance to lose their money.  Taken in sequence, the repeated bounces provided many opportunities to lose money over and over again.

In the end, the bounce up between November 13, 1929 and April 30, 1930 turned out to be the ultimate sucker’s rally.  The DJIA subsequently crashed 89.2 percent from its initial peak, along with the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of an entire generation.

(The chart below compares the great crash with today’s crash)

Such a colossal collapse could never, ever happen again, right?

Well, the economy is being fundamentally pummeled by “coronavirus containment.”  Long term damage will be sustained.  The type of damage that takes a decade – or more – to recover from.  Easy loans won’t fix it.  But, nonetheless, there’s no shortage of solutions being offered to save us from ourselves.

Bars, restaurants, gyms, schools, and many employers are shutting down.  San Francisco has ordered all residents to “shelter in place.”

The former Mayor of San Francisco, and now California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has ordered all residents to stay at home until further notice.

These solutions are disastrous for the economy.  Cash flows are running dry.  Credit markets are freezing up.  People are losing their jobs.  Full mobilization is needed, we’re told, in the war on coronavirus.

On the fiscal side, the Treasury Department’s angling with Congress to send out $1,000 checks – possibly, two of them – to struggling Americans.  Mitt Romney, a man of discretion, is onboard with $1,000 checks.  Chuck Schumer says it won’t be enough.  Cory Booker wants to send out $4,500 checks.

But why stop there?  Why not send out $45,000 checks?  If a little helicopter money’s good, isn’t more always better?

Is the Panic Worse than the Virus?

If only the world was as simple as potato-brain Booker believes.

Maybe a systematic hunkering is needed to win the war on coronavirus and save the economy.  Or is it?

For perspective, we’ll draw from words first scribbled in 1841 by Charles MacKay.  As you can see, these kind of panics are nothing new to our day. Here’s a brief excerpt from MacKay’s timeless classic, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

“During seasons of great pestilence men have often believed the prophecies of crazed fanatics, that the end of the world was come.  Credulity is always greatest in times of calamity.  Prophecies of all sorts are rife on such occasions, and are readily believed, whether for good or evil.

“During the great plague, which ravaged all Europe, between the years 1345 and 1350, it was generally considered that the end of the world was at hand.  Pretended prophets were to be found in all the principal cities of Germany, France, and Italy, predicting that within ten years the trump of the Archangel would sound, and the Saviour appear in the clouds to call the earth to judgment.”

As far as we can tell, the coronavirus has attracted prophets of all stripes like bees to honey.  Mass coronavirus hysteria has led to public and pretend prophetic histrionics.

According to Bill Ackman, “hell is coming.”

Maybe so.  Or maybe the mass panic has been overblown.  By this, the panic is worse than the virus.

What we do know, is the spring equinox has arrived…marking the earliest coming of spring in 124 years.  After the last several weeks of winter, we’ll take it.

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Iran ready to provide aid to US in fight against coronavirus

Earlier in response to Donald Trump’s offer of help in mitigating the disease, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the US can assist by withdrawing sanctions

TEHRAN – 3/19/2020 – Tehran is ready to provide assistance to the US to control the coronavirus spread, Iranian Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi announced Thursday.

“Iran is ready to help the US to control the coronavirus,” he said, according to the IRNA news agency. He added that if “the US wants to help Iran, then they should remove sanctions and compensate caused losses.” According to the deputy minister, “US healthcare system is not ready to curb the coronavirus [threat].”

On March 12, US President Donald Trump repeatedly offered assistance to Iran in curbing the coronavirus spread. In response, Iranian politicians, including President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, said that the US can assist by withdrawing sanctions.

Iranian authorities repeat that US restrictions against Tehran complicate the country’s fight against the disease.

On March 16, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang claimed that unilateral sanctions of the US against Iran amid coronavirus spread would only exacerbate the situation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the US deliberately takes actions that thwart Iran’s fight against the infection.

The coronavirus outbreak was registered in central China in late December 2019. On March 11, the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic. COVID-19 infection cases have been recorded in more than 170 countries. According to the latest data, over 220,000 people have contracted the virus; about 8,900 of them have died – primarily elderly patients suffering from health complications and immune deficiencies predating the coronavirus.

A total of 147 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Russia so far, one person died.

Most coronavirus-infected patients recover completely. People with chronic diseases of the lungs, asthma and others should certainly take precautions to avoid aggravations, the director of the National Medical Research Center for Preventive Medicine said.


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Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out

Jon Rappaport – 3/17/2020

The government of Italy, as everyone knows, has locked down the whole country of 60 million people.  So how many Italians have died from COV?  Even by the standards of the useless and misleading diagnostic tests?


As far as the Italian Higher Institute of Health knows, at this point:

Maybe two.


Try to wrap your mind around that.

Good luck.

Seems the president of the Italian Higher Institute has some smarts.  He understands that people who have serious health conditions already, other than the COV, can and do die from those other conditions, regardless of the fact that they’ve tested positive (on useless tests) for COV.  He gets it.  But if he keeps shooting his mouth off, he might find himself working as a weed puller in a forest.  Or he might suddenly be diagnosed with the virus and find himself in isolation.

Grit your teeth and plow through the following quote from Rome, 13 March 2020, Agenzia Nova:


Coronavirus: ISS [Italian National Institute of Health]

In Italy there are only two deaths ascertained so far due to Covid-19

“There may be only two people who died from coronavirus in Italy, who were not presenting other serious pathologies. This is what emerges from the medical records examined so far by the Higher Institute of Health, according to what was reported by the President of the Institute [Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Italian National Institute of Health], Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. ‘Positive deceased patients have an average of over 80 years – 80.3 to be exact…The majority of these people are carriers of chronic diseases. Only two of them were not presently carriers of [other non-COV] diseases’, but even in these two cases, the examination of the files is not concluded and therefore, causes of death different from Covid-19 could emerge. The president of the ISS has specified that ‘little more than a hundred medical records’ have so far come from hospitals throughout Italy.”

“…At present, in fact, the authorities are unable to distinguish those who died from the virus, from those who, on the other hand, are communicated daily to the public, but who were mostly carriers of other serious diseases and who, therefore, would not have died from Covid-19 alone. In response to a question from ‘Agenzia Nova’, in fact, Brusaferro was unable to indicate the exact number of coronavirus deaths. However, the professor clarified that, according to the data analyzed, the vast majority of the victims ‘had serious [non-COV] pathologies and in some cases the onset of an infection of the respiratory tract can lead more easily to death.’ To clarify this point, and provide real data, ‘as we acquire the folders we will go further. However, the populations most at risk are fragile carriers of multiple diseases’.”

Translation into non-medical language: the people dying in Italy have other very serious traditional diseases that have nothing to do with COV, and it’s obvious they could have died, and probably did die, from those other diseases.  Nevertheless, we’re locking down the whole country.

So, for those people straining to find a reason for the “devastation” overtaking Italy—it’s karma for ancient Rome trying to conquer half the known world; it’s the ghost of Martin Luther obtaining revenge against the Vatican; it’s a bioweapon with the power to cut down millions of people overnight; it’s a virus that came in with a small meteor and crashed outside Milan; it’s Chinese revenge against Marco Polo for stealing the concept of noodles—

Take a break, relax, have a plate of pasta.

For those people who believe Brusaferro, head of the Italian Institute, is lying with his facts and figures, stop and think it through.  If it wasn’t true would he announce such devastating news that essentially contradicts everything the Italian government is doing with its lockdowns and quarantines of the whole country?  It would be like the director of the Centers for Disease Control announced, “There are a total of nine deaths in the US we think might have been caused by COV, and even there we’re not sure, because you see, these nine were elderly people who, long before the COV emerged, could barely get out of bed.  These nine had extremely serious lung disease not caused by COV … but anyway, don’t go outside, work from home, don’t touch another human being, watch our website for bargain deals on toilet paper, and oh yes, don’t forget to get your regular flu shot if you can slip into a hazmat suit and drive to your nearest pharmacy, where injection clerks are waiting…”

No. He’s telling the truth.


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The Coronavirus Hoax

Ron Paul – 3/17/2020

Governments love crises because when the people are fearful they are more willing to give up freedoms for promises that the government will take care of them. After 9/11, for example, Americans accepted the near-total destruction of their civil liberties in the PATRIOT Act’s hollow promises of security.

It is ironic to see the same Democrats who tried to impeach President Trump last month for abuse of power now demanding that the Administration grab more power and authority in the name of fighting a virus that thus far has killed less than 100 Americans. (fewer than the regular flu deaths)

Declaring a pandemic emergency on Friday, President Trump now claims the power to quarantine individuals suspected of being infected by the virus and, as Politico writes, “stop and seize any plane, train or automobile to stymie the spread of contagious disease.” He can even call out the military to cordon off a US city or state.

State and local authoritarians love panic as well. The mayor of Champaign, Illinois, signed an executive order declaring the power to ban the sale of guns and alcohol and cut off gas, water, or electricity to any citizen. The governor of Ohio just essentially closed his entire state.

The chief fearmonger of the Trump Administration is without a doubt Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. Fauci is all over the media, serving up outright falsehoods to stir up even more panic. He testified to Congress that the death rate for the coronavirus is ten times that of the seasonal flu – an outright lie. He has pushed for closing the entire country down for 14 days.

Over what? A virus that has thus far killed just over 5,000 worldwide and less than 100 in the United States? By contrast, tuberculosis, an old disease not much discussed these days, killed nearly 1.6 million people in 2017. Where’s the panic over this? Doctors kill more than that.

If anything, what Fauci and the other fearmongers are demanding will likely make the disease worse. The martial law they dream about will leave people hunkered down inside their homes instead of going outdoors or to the beach where the sunshine and fresh air would help boost immunity. The panic produced by these fearmongers is likely helping spread the disease, as massive crowds rush into Walmart and Costco for that last roll of toilet paper.

The madness over the coronavirus is not limited to politicians and the medical community. The head of the neoconservative Atlantic Council wrote an editorial this week urging NATO to pass an Article 5 declaration of war against the COVID-19 virus! Are they going to send in tanks and drones to put everyone under martial law and house arrest?

People should ask themselves whether this coronavirus “pandemic” could be a big hoax, with the actual danger of the disease massively exaggerated by those who seek to profit – financially or politically – from the ensuing panic.

That is not to say the disease is harmless. No disease is. Without question people will die from coronavirus. Those in vulnerable categories should take precautions to limit their risk of exposure. In fact, they should already be doing this every year as a matter of habit. But we have seen this movie before. Government over-hypes a threat as an excuse to grab more of our freedoms. When the “threat” is over, however, they never give us our freedoms back.


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The West Attacks the World; the World Gravitates toward Russia, China

The US Is Alienating The World
3-13-2020 – Andre Vltchek

Recently the rogue US Government has crossed several lines, committing atrocities, in many parts of the world. In the past, no government could get away with this; such situations would usually lead to war.

All out war is “avoided” only because the world is too frightened to resist Washington with its mafia-style deeds. Countries on all continents are tolerating the lawlessness and thuggery of Washington and the allies; bitterly, but tolerating. If ordered, many of them have been falling on their knees, begging for mercy. If hit hard, they have lost the courage and strength to hit back.

The sanctions and embargoes are not imposed on the US, the biggest violator of international law. There are no retaliatory actions taken against its bullying, attacks, covert and overt operations. The U.N. has become a laughing stock, toothless and irrelevant, acquiescing to Western interests.

The fact is – the world is scared. It is petrified. Just as a little creature is petrified and immobilized when faced by a cobra.

It is now at this level. A primitive, sorry level. In the past, colonies fought back, aiming at independence. Indochina (Vietnam) fought against the Western Empire, losing millions, but fought.

Now, Washington and its allies commit crimes, and they laugh straight in the faces of victims: “Now what? What are you going to do? Hit me back? Just try; I will burn your family members alive, break all your bones.”

You think I am exaggerating? Oh no, I am not; not at all! This is the level the West really has sank to. And almost no one dares to talk about it! Except… Well, of course, except Russia, China, Iran and few other brave nations.

But look at what has happened to Iran. It is just an example of how thuggish, how insane Washington’s foreign policy is (if one could really call it a foreign policy):

Iran has initiated nothing bad to anyone; at least not in recent modern history. In 1953, the West arranged and implemented a horrific coup against the democratic, popular Prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. Washington and London put on the throne a real monster – Shah Reza Pahlavi (the Shah Of Iran). Millions of lives were ruined. People were tortured, raped, and murdered. Then, in 1980, Iraq was armed and unleashed against Iran, again by the West. Consequently, hundreds of thousands of people died.

But no, that was not enough! Modern Iran helped to defend the entire Middle East against terrorism which has been released by the West and its allies in the Gulf. Teheran also joined forces with several countries in Latin America, including Venezuela, helping them, among other things, to build housing, media outlets, and the oil industry.


Therefore, Iran became the target of the U.S. and Israel. President Trump cancelled the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a win-win agreement. For absolutely no reason, sanctions against Iran were re-introduced. Iran’s allies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and elsewhere, were attacked by Israeli drones and by war planes, and by relentless Saudi bombing (both Israel and Saudi Arabia are co-conspirators with the US).

Then, the United States murdered the most revered Iranian military figure, General Qasem Soleimani, and they did it on Iraqi soil. This was a double act of war against Iran and Iraq, which had officially invited General Soleimani in order to negotiate the peace process with the Saudis.

Then, the real banditry of Washington got exposed.

Iran, outraged and in mourning, has declared that it will retaliate; avenge the murder of its heroic commander, as well as the others who were killed by the U.S. attack near Baghdad airport. Trump and his entourage replied immediately, threatening Iran, declaring that if it dares to retaliate, it would face terrible re-retaliation.

Basically, the US claims that it can kill your people anywhere it wants, and if you fight back, it reserves right to obliterate you.

The world has done nothing. It is doing nothing. The United Nations is taking zero concrete actions to stop the biggest bully.

On 4th January, 2020, Donald Trump Tweeted in 3 separate messages this absurd threat:

“Iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain USA assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader who had just killed an American, & badly wounded many others, not to mention all of the people he had killed over his lifetime, including recently hundreds of Iranian protesters. He was already attacking our Embassy, and preparing for additional hits in other locations. Iran has been nothing but problems for many years. Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!”

Outrageous lies! Manipulations by a primitive businessman elected by the American people. A man of no culture.

What he is really saying is this: “We overthrew your government, we unleash a war against you, we impose sanctions, prevent you from selling your own oil, and then we murdered the second most important man in your country. That is all fine. But, if you defend yourself, if you dare retaliate, we will basically bomb your country back to the stone age, as we have bombed so many other countries to the stone age, including Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.” All this is because the United Sates, and West in general, believe that they can, and must, rule the world.

And that is the same ‘philosophy’ used by ISIS, and by al-Qaida. It is deep, extremist, fanaticism. As the United States uses market terrorism in its trade wars, it also applies primitive fanaticism in the way it deals with the rest of the world.

The world order is now resembling the order imposed in Mosul under the ISIS occupation.

After the murder of General Soleimani, the planet has expressed outrage, including some of Washington’s allies. Even Israel has refused to back the US in this particular case.

UNESCO (which the United States abandoned after it recognized Palestine and after it refused to follow Washington’s diktat), issued a statement, reported by RT:

“Meanwhile, UNESCO also told the US to stay away from Iran’s cultural heritage, reminding Washington that it is party to treaties which explicitly prohibit the targeting of cultural sites during armed conflict.”

But that is not all. This has not ended with Iran only.

Iraq, outraged that the murder of Iranian allies took place on its soil, and that some of its people were also killed in the attack, demanded the full withdrawal of US military forces.

The reply from Trump:

“If they do ask us to leave, if we don’t do it on a very friendly basis, we will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before, ever. We have a very extraordinarily expensive airbase that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build. Long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.”

Now just think what has been happening: Iraq was starved and bombed, and hundreds of thousands died as a result. Then came the US invasion of 2003. The country was thoroughly ruined. Once proud Iraq, with a very high human development index (UNDP) virtually collapsed, became a beggar. On top of that, terrorist groups were injected into its territory, as they were, into Syria.

And now Trump, the President of the occupying country, is demanding that the victim, Iraq, actually pays for the military bases constructed on its territory to destroy it?

This is, of course, thoroughly sick, grotesque.

And these mafia tactics have been paying off, until now. Iraq which finally dared to stand up, shouting “enough is enough, down with the occupation,” began backing down. Abdul Mahdi’s office issued a communique:

“The prime minister stressed the importance of mutual cooperation on implementing the withdrawal of foreign troops, in line with the Iraqi parliament’s resolution, and to set relations with the United States on a proper foundation.”

Of course, US threats and US armor on Iraq’s territory, is frightening too many people in Baghdad.

United States occupation forces have never brought anything good to their victims.

The best example is Afghanistan, the once proud country, where eveyone enjoyed equal rights. Now, two decades after the US/NATO occupation, the country is the poorest, and with the shortest life expectancy, on the Asian continent.

I worked there on several occasions and was shocked by the bestiality of the US rule. Burqa-clad women begging with their infants, sitting on speed-bumps near US military bases. These bases are surrounded by poppy seeds, used for the cultivation and production of drugs, under US and UK sponsorship. The Taliban had virtually eliminated the poppy/heroin industry until the US invaded and re-established it. And foreign contractors, as well as NATO soldiers, shared with me horrific stories of spite: how unused food is burned by the Americans, while people are starving. How, when some old base is abandoned, it is dynamited and bulldozed down. The logic is simple: “There was nothing when we came, and there will be nothing after we leave!”

But paying for occupation bases is something new; a new concept by the empire.

Syria. “We want oil” declared Trump, recently. No niceties, no hide-and-seek. The US military is staying. Turkish military, which has been supporting terrorists for years, is staying. The US– backed Uyghur terrorists are staying in Idlib area. While, as recently as on February 24, Israelis have been bombing the outskirts of Damascus.

And, all this is allowed to happen. In broad daylight. Committed by people who openly support, even promote torture and terrorism. In brief: the US regime.

In just the few latest months, Washington created and financed riots in Hong Kong, intimidating China, trying to trick the most populous nation into a crackdown against the treasonous cadres that are demanding the return of British colonialist rule, as well as a US invasion.

China is also facing brutal Western propaganda attacks, related to coronavirus. Although, China is apparently now getting the coronavirus outbreak under control.

Washington overthrew the socialist, democratic multi-ethnic government in Bolivia, and it is starving millions of people, while backing an illegitimate self-proclaimed right-wing puppet political figure in Venezuela.

The things the West does to China and Russia would lead to a war if they were happening 30 years ago.

The more Russia and China uses diplomacy, the more aggressive the United States becomes. It is time to re-think the entire concept of relations with the United States. It is because the United States and its allies have already crossed all lines and are now holding the entire world hostage.

Perhaps what we are all experiencing now is not a war, at least not in the classic sense of the word, but it is an occupation – brutal and shameless. Almost the entire planet used to be occupied by Europe, some 100 years ago. Now it is occupied, directly and indirectly, by Europe’s offspring – the United States. It is not always a military occupation, but occupation it is. The world is held hostage. It is petrified. It doesn’t dare to speak, to dream, often even to think.

The world has fallen on its knees. It has surrendered itself, as if in some extremist religious ritual. It gets hit but does not hit back. It gets looted, but doesn’t dare protect itself and its people.

All this makes no sense: countries that got occupied, or where governments have been overthrown, are now living in absolute misery, even in agony: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Honduras, Brazil, to name just a few.

For how long will the entire world lick the boots of a country with only around 300 million inhabitants, run by liars and thugs, and governs over the world through brutality and fear? Its big asset is its ability to create and control money. It only insults human logic. It vulgarizes everything on earth; everything that should be sacred to humanity.

I have to remind those who prefer not to notice: millions are dying, annually, all over the world, because of this “arrangement of the world.” Surrender and submission do not save lives. The empire never stops; it never has enough.

And one more old wisdom: kneeling in front of terror never brought liberation, or progress!

In more and more countries that I am visiting, all over the world, people are admiring the “Russian way”, and the “Chinese way.” You would never read this in Western mass media outlets, but precisely this is taking place: injured, brutalized and humiliated countries are beginning to levitate towards those great countries which are proudly standing and refusing to surrender to Western terror.


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Panic Will End but Tyranny Will Not


Gary D. Barnett – 3, 14, 2020

“Our contemporaries are constantly excited by two conflicting passions; they want to be led, and at the same time they wish to be free: as they cannot destroy either one or the other of these contrary propensities, they strive to satisfy them both at once. They devise a sole, protecting, and all-powerful form of government, but one that is subject to the people. They combine the principle of centralization and that of popular sovereignty; this gives them a respite: they console themselves for being in tutelage by the reflection that they have chosen their own guardian masters. Every man allows himself to be put in puppet-strings, because he sees that it is not a person or a class of persons, but the people at large that holds the end of his strings.

By this system the people think they can select their master, and then say they have done their duty. A great many persons at the present day are quite contented with this sort of compromise between administrative despotism and the freedom of the people; and they think they have done enough for the protection of individual freedom when in fact they have surrendered it to the power of the state.”

Fear will bring panic, and once panic is the prevailing attitude of society at large, the herd seeks safety at all cost. Seeking safety under these circumstances allows for tyranny by the ruling class, and when the restrictive consequences of that tyranny are in place, escape from mass servitude is almost impossible. It must be understood that decisions made under stress due to fear end with a loss of freedom, and when freedom is compromised, all that is left is slavery.

We have been told that a pandemic is upon us, and that we must sacrifice for the good of all, and for the sake of the nation. If the people at large accept this premise, individual freedom is not only compromised, it is permanently damaged. When the masses as a group seek shelter from harm, and agree to temporarily relinquish some or all of their freedoms, oppression is the result. That is why panic is so perilous, and why hasty decisions should never be made during a real or supposed crisis.

As I write this, it is obvious that none of these suggestions have been followed, and the herd has acquiesced to most all commands from on high in order to gain what will turn out to be false hope. At this point, it is not too late to reverse part of the damage, but any continuation of mindless mass subservience will only end in oppression and misery.

There is no evidence that this new coronavirus called COVID-19 is any more dangerous than any other virus in the past, but the ruling class and their minions in the mainstream media and beyond are screaming at the top of their lungs that this is the scourge of mankind, and that tens of millions of Americans will become infected, and that millions can die. This is being promulgated by government at every level, by so-called national and world health organizations, and by a complicit media that seemingly does as it is told by those holding political power. This is being done regardless of the fact that no one knows much about this so-called virus, knows little or nothing about its true origin, and knows little about its ongoing mutations. Also, politicians, claimed authorities, and alleged experts are in the dark as to why particular cultures have been more susceptible than others, and are unwilling to discuss that the probable cause of this is due to a man-made strain cultured in a bio-weapons lab, even though a preponderance of evidence points in that direction. All possibilities should be discussed.

Current headlines today:

Trump To Declare National Emergency

Complete shutdown On Table

This government wants to have total control over our lives, and will take full advantage of this situation to bring draconian tyranny measures to all that live in this country.  This is an atrocity, and one that will change the face of this nation yet again. Current risk includes the implementing of medical martial law as well as the possibility of total martial law for any resistance by those not willing to accept captivity. I outlined the measures that have been implemented by at least 40 states to affect medical martial law recently in this article. The act that has been adopted is the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA), and the included language is dictatorial in nature.

Besides the sheer tyranny of these measures being planned and implemented as I write this, the certain economic devastation to come is huge. No one will be spared economic harm, and many will be completely destroyed by the response to this manufactured panic. In addition, when the virus scare is over, and it will be, the economic destruction will remain, and it could take years for any recovery to take place.

Has all this panic been planned? The impending economic downturn caused by failing businesses, and by the Federal Reserve’s money policies, is most likely going to be falsely blamed on the coronavirus, so what is the connection? Was this virus created for the purpose of covering up responsibility for an economic meltdown? Was it created to harm the economy of China and Iran? If not, is it being purposely used for these purposes? Is population control due to all these factors mentioned sought by the ruling class, and is this virus the impetus for gaining that control?

What is next on the agenda due to this panic? Will there be statewide lockdowns? Will there be universal travel restrictions, even at the local level? Will there be forced vaccinations? Will there be mandatory testing and inspections? Will there be food shortages? Will this lead to concentration camps for dissenters and those who don’t pass the virus tests? Will the National Guard and military be patrolling the streets of your town?

There are many unanswered questions, and much uncertainty about this virus, so what is the real danger? The real danger to America is the U.S. government and its dictatorial response to what appears to be an orchestrated hysteria. The solutions offered by Trump and this government, regardless of who is pulling the strings of these puppets, are far more dangerous than any so-called pandemic. Fear and panic allow for control, and those in power understand this, and use it to their advantage.

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Rahm Emanuel

Panic is worthless, and can only lead to the acceptance of tyranny. This is the real risk; this is the real danger. If the people acquiesce to a takeover of their minds due to this panic, they will not only have lost their liberty and all they own, they will have also lost their sanity.


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Panic & The Pandemic


Our society is now transitioning into panic about the coronavirus.

Universities and schools are being shuttered, sports activities and public gatherings are being cancelled, individuals are hoarding toilet paper and supplies, travel is being severely constrained, the stock market has crashed, and business activity is nose-diving.  Major businesses are forcing their employees to work at home.

This blog will try to summarize the coronavirus threat, suggest that some of the panic-driven actions may not be well-founded, and that there may be a far better, more effective approach to deal with the virus.

How Bad is the Situation Today?

If one steps back and looks at the actual numbers, particularly against other threats we face, the situation is far less apocalyptic than some are suggesting.   As of today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes 1215 cases and 36 deaths in the U.S. since January 1.  This is a very, very small percentage of the U.S.  population of 331 million.   The number of U.S. cases no longer appears to be going up rapidly, as noted by the latest CDC graphic (see below).  Note the drop after the peak in early March.

In China, where the problem started, the number of cases is rapidly declining (see below).


According to Washington State’s Department of Health, the state has had 457 coronavirus cases and 31 deaths.  Most (23) of the death’s in Washington have been limited to one nursing facility in Kirkland with a large number of elderly, chronically ill patients.  In fact, according to the NY Times, this facility would typically lose 5 patients a month.

This facility also represents about 50 of the coronavirus cases in Washington, since several first responders and staff were sickened (with no fatalities) due to exposure at this site.    In many ways, the Kirkland facility represented an unfortunate random event–the random exposure of a group of extremely vulnerable patients.    If this random exposure had not happened, Washington State would probably not be getting headlines as a center for this virus outbreak.

An extremely important element of this coronavirus outbreak is that it hardly sickens young people, and healthy individuals of middle age or younger generally do not face a life-threatening illness.  To illustrate, here is the age distribution of cases in King County.   Few folks under 40 are sickened and none of them died.  The problem is with the sick and elderly.  This age distribution is going to be very, very important.  Similar statistics are found in China.

There are undoubtedly many, many cases of coronavirus infection in the younger, healthier members of society, many of which are not aware of their infection.  But without testing, we don’t really know other than by indirect statistical approaches.  Thus, the “death rates” are clearly far too high, and highly deceptive.

Comparison to the Flu

It is important to note that the coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers are extraordinarily smaller than those of the flu.

Below is a flu graphic I got from CDC and added the coronavirus cases (see the gray dot).  In fact, the gray dot should be much smaller.   For example, we had 36 coronavirus deaths nationally so far compared to 61,000 flu deaths in 2017-2018.  45 million cases that year compared to 1200 COVID-19 cases so far this year.  In WA state, 75 have died of flu through the end of February and several years have brought 200- 300 deaths from influenza.

COVID-19 is not even in the same league as flu, which also kills the youngest among us. We did not close down universities, businesses, and more for flu.

Interestingly, many who are panicking about the coronavirus today refused to practice reasonable hygiene when flu is around  (e.g., washing hands carefully). COVID-19 is also not in the same league as auto accidents, which kill 1.25 millions a year (3287 deaths a day), with 25-50 million injured or disabled for the worldwide statistics, while about 38,000 die in the U.S. each year from auto wrecks.

Are our political leaders shutting down society for the flu or stopping auto travel because of deaths on the roadway? The answer is no.  So why are they willing to close down society to deal with the coronavirus, which has represented only a small risk to the general population?  Life is full of risks that must be considered, mitigated, and dealt with.  But society must continue to function.

As the virus began to spread in China, the U.S. needed to develop a coherent plan for understanding and dealing with the crisis.  This did not happen.   President Trump probably made the right call about cutting off travel to China, but the lack of coherent planning beyond that is apparent. 

The stock market is in free fall, the economy is tanking, colleges are poorly educating their students through questionable online learning, K-12 students aren’t being taught, business is contracting, and workers are losing salaries and being laid off.  The lowest income folks are hurt worst, making “social distancing” highly regressive.   I have read estimates that that the world economy could lose trillions of dollars and that recession is now becoming more likely in the U.S.

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Italy: “ICU wards are overflowing!”


Some people, even if they have fallen over a cliff, would, on the way down, shout: “This must be caused by coronavirus!  What else could it be?”

“People are dying!  It’s got to be the virus!”

Or how about this?  “The ICU hospital wards in Italy are overflowing.  It’s the virus.”

Step back and think.  THINK IT THROUGH.

Watching a recent interview with an Italian public health official, I had the impression that perhaps several thousand new ICU patients were burdening the hospital system in the northern part of the country.  Several thousand out of a national population of 60 million.

Here’s the trick.  Before the announcement of the coronavirus epidemic, people who showed up at those hospitals, with flu, flu-like symptoms, sinus or lung infections, pneumonia would be placed in the general wards and treated, or even sent home with drugs.

But now they would, many of them, be called “presumptive cases” of coronavirus, without any tests at all, or after tests which don’t work (see my prior articles on why the diagnostic tests are useless and deceptive).  By labeling these patients “contagious coronavirus,” the hospital doctors send them to the ICU, to “protect others from the infection.”

Thus, these ICUs are crowded and overflowing. (Thus, they are perfect breeding grounds for spreading a virus or bacteria).

The press publishes pictures of the ICUs and the hysteria factor bubbles up a few degrees hotter.

The press interviews a hospital doctor, and he says, “We’re starting to see a few more children with the virus.”  The public reaction?  “Incredible!  Now even healthy children are getting sick!” 

Well I have breaking news.  Children do get sick. They always have.  Like adults, they develop flu-like symptoms.  And as with adults, they can now be added to the “presumptive coronavirus cases.”

“But what about people dying in Italy?”  As in other countries, people in Italy do die.  They always have.  Especially old people, who have all sorts of long-term health problems.  Labeling them with “coronavirus” at the last minute doesn’t explain the cause of death.

“Healthy people in Italy are dying.”  Two points here.  First, sometimes these healthy people aren’t really healthy at all.  And second, if you were healthy, and you were suddenly diagnosed, for no reason, with a virus you believed was dangerous and even deadly, and then you were isolated in an ICU ward, allowed no visitors, perhaps even put on a ventilator, and then treated with highly toxic antiviral drugs, do you think there is a chance you would die?

In Italy, out of a population of 60 million, they claim that 2500 cases are reported, with 79 dead – almost all were over the age of 65. The youngest is 55. Not much different from an average flu season.

The whole aim of stage magic is, as we all know, deflection of attention.  The audience is guided to look HERE, while the trick is being executed THERE.  Here, a woman is being sawed in half.  There, she is escaping from the back of the box.

In the “epidemic,” HERE is where people are sick and dying and diagnosed.  THERE is where a fictional reason is being cooked up to explain why.

“But…but…Italy, Italy, Italy, people dying, virus, virus…I don’t get it…”

Yes you do.  You’re getting the message the public health officials want to shove into your mind.  You’re standing on a street corner watching a pro execute his shell game, and you’re falling for it every time.


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Putin Exhibits Common Sense Leadership


March 12, 2020

Russia’s 2013 law against “gay propaganda” has been used to ban LGBT rallies.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has submitted amendments to parliament that would enshrine God and heterosexual marriage in the constitution.

The changes to the constitution breezed through parliament in late January but the president and the ad-hoc task force he had set up were able to submit other amendments until Monday.

Mr Putin’s latest suggestions include a clause to spell out that a marriage can only mean a union between a man and a woman as well as a mention that Russia “cherishes the memory of ancestors who have passed on their ideals and faith in God,” State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said late on Monday.

LGBT rights in Russia have been under threat since Russia adopted a law in 2013 banning the so-called “gay propaganda” among minors. Rights groups have reported an uptick in violence against gay people due to a perceived impunity for such attacks.

Mr Putin last month vowed to support heterosexual marriage, telling the constitutional task force that Russia will have “mom and dad” as long as he is president.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday dismissed suggestions that Mr Putin’s proposals run counter to the idea of Russia as a secular state, saying that the president and the constitutional task force will clarify their position to the public at a later date.

Russian senators on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved amendments to the constitution submitted by President Vladimir Putin, including the option for him to run for two more terms in the Kremlin.

The constitutional reforms were backed by 160 senators in the upper house Federation Council, with one voting against and three abstaining.

They must now be approved by two-thirds of Russian regional parliaments before being put to a public vote on April 22.

In a speech ahead of the Federation Council’s vote, speaker Valentina Matviyenko called the passing of the amendments “one of the most important issues in (Russia’s) modern history”.

She hailed an amendment introduced on Tuesday that would give Mr Putin the chance to run again when his current term ends in 2024, by effectively resetting the clock on previous presidential terms.

“He raised Russia from its knees” and “is considered one of the world’s great leaders,” she said.


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Coronavirus vs. the Mass Surveillance State: Which Poses the Greater Threat?

John W. Whitehead – 3-4-2020

Emboldened by the citizenry’s inattention and willingness to tolerate its abuses, the government has weaponized one national crisis after another in order to expands its powers.

The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on illegal immigration, asset forfeiture schemes, road safety schemes, school safety schemes, eminent domain: all of these programs started out as legitimate responses to pressing concerns and have since become weapons of compliance and control in the police state’s hands.

It doesn’t even matter what the nature of the crisis might be—civil unrest, the national emergencies, “unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency, pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters”—as long as it allows the government to justify all manner of government tyranny in the name of national security.

I’ll leave the media and the medical community to speculate about the impact the coronavirus will have on the nation’s health. But how will the government’s War on the Coronavirus impact our freedoms?

For a hint of what’s in store, you can look to China—our role model for all things dystopian—where the contagion started.

In an attempt to fight the epidemic, the government has given its surveillance state apparatus—which boasts the most expansive and sophisticated surveillance system in the world—free rein. Thermal scanners using artificial intelligence (AI) have been installed at train stations in major cities to assess body temperatures and identify anyone with a fever. Facial recognition cameras and cell phone carriers track people’s movements constantly, reporting in real time to data centers that can be accessed by government agents and employers alike. And coded color alerts (red, yellow and green) sort people into health categories that correspond to the amount of freedom of movement they’re allowed: “Green code, travel freely. Red or yellow, report immediately.”

Mind you, prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese surveillance state had already been hard at work tracking its citizens through the use of some 200 million security cameras installed nationwide. Equipped with facial recognition technology, the cameras allow authorities to track citizens and assign a social credit score.

Social media credit scores assigned to Chinese individuals and businesses categorize them on whether or not they are “good” citizens. A real-name system—which requires people to use government-issued ID cards to buy mobile sims, obtain social media accounts, take a train, board a plane, or even buy groceries—coupled with social media credit scores ensures that those blacklisted as “unworthy” are banned from accessing financial markets, buying real estate or traveling by air or train. Among the activities that can get you labeled unworthy are taking reserved seats on trains or causing trouble in hospitals.

That same social credit score technology used to identify, track, and scrutinize  citizens is now one of China’s chief weapons in its fight to contain the coronavirus. However, it is far from infallible and a prime example of the difficulties involved in navigating an autonomous system where disembodied AI systems call the shots. For instance, one woman, who has no symptoms of the virus but was assigned a red code based on a visit to her hometown, has been blocked from returning to her home and job until her color code changes. She has been stuck in this state of limbo for weeks with no means of challenging the color code or knowing exactly why she’s been assigned a red code.

Fighting the coronavirus epidemic has given China the perfect excuse for unleashing the full force of its surveillance and data collection powers. The problem, of course, is that once the outbreak is controlled, the government will not retract its new powers.

The lesson for the ages: once any government is allowed to expand its powers, it’s almost impossible to pull back.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., the government thus far has limited its coronavirus preparations to missives advising the public to stay calm, wash their hands, and cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze.

However, don’t go underestimating the government’s ability to lock the nation down if they want. After all, the government has been planning and preparing for such a crisis for years now.

The building blocks are already in place for such an eventuality: the surveillance networks, fusion centers and government contractors that already share information in real time; the government’s massive biometric databases that can identify individuals based on genetic and biological markers; the militarized police, working in conjunction with federal agencies, ready and able to coordinate with the federal government when it’s time to round up the targeted individuals; the courts that will sanction the government’s methods, no matter how unlawful, as long as it is done in the name of national security; and the detention facilities, whether private prisons or FEMA internment camps, that have been built and are waiting to be filled.

All of this may sound far-fetched to you now, but we’ve already arrived at the dystopian futures prophesied by George Orwell’s 1984, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report.

It won’t take much more to push us over the edge into an overpopulated, diseased, warring planet where the government employs technologies such as drones, tasers and biometric scanners to track, target and control the populace.

Mind you, while these technologies are already in use today and being hailed for their potentially life-saving, cost-saving, time-saving benefits, it won’t be long before the drawbacks to having a government equipped with technology that makes it all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful——helped along by the citizenry—far outdistance the benefits.

On a daily basis, Americans are relinquishing (in many cases, voluntarily) the most intimate (and should be private) details of who they are—their biological makeup, their genetic blueprints, and their biometrics (facial characteristics and structure, fingerprints, iris scans, etc.)—in order to navigate an increasingly technologically-enabled world.

Consider all the ways you continue to be tracked, hunted, hounded, and stalked by the government and its dubious agents:

By tapping into your phone lines and cell phone communications, the government knows what you say. By uploading all of your emails, opening your mail, and reading your Facebook posts and text messages, the government knows what you write. By monitoring your movements with the use of license plate readers, surveillance cameras and other tracking devices, the government knows where you go. By churning through all of the details of your life—what you read, where you go, what you say—the government can predict what you will do.

By mapping the synapses in your brain, scientists—and in turn, the government—will soon know what you remember. By mapping your biometrics—your “face-print”—and storing the information in a massive, shared government database available to bureaucratic agencies, police and the military, the government’s goal is to use facial recognition software to identify you (and every other person in the country) and track your movements, wherever you go. And by accessing your DNA, the government will soon know everything else about you that they don’t already know: your family chart, your ancestry, what you look like, your health history, your inclination to follow orders or chart your own course, etc.

Of course, none of these technologies are foolproof. Nor are they immune from tampering, hacking, or operator bias.

Nevertheless, they have become a convenient tool in the hands of government agents to render null and void the Constitution’s requirements of privacy and its prohibitions against unreasonable searches and seizures.

The ramifications of a government—any government—having this much unregulated, unaccountable power to target, track, round up and detain its citizens is beyond chilling.

Imagine what the police state will do with this kind of power. Society is rapidly moving in that direction. We’ve made it so easy for the government to watch us.

Government eyes see your every move: what you read, how much you spend, where you go, with whom you interact, when you wake up in the morning, what you’re watching on television and reading on the internet.

Every move you make is being monitored, mined for data, crunched, and tabulated in order to form a picture of who you are, what makes you tick, and how best to control you when and if it becomes necessary to bring you in line.

Chances are, as the Washington Post has reported, you have already been assigned a color-coded threat assessment score—green, yellow or red—so police are forewarned about your potential inclination to be a troublemaker depending on whether you’ve had a career in the military, posted a comment perceived as threatening on Facebook, suffer from a particular medical condition, or know someone who knows someone who might have committed a crime.

In other words, you’re most likely already flagged in a government database somewhere. The government has the know-how.

Indeed, for years now, the FBI and Justice Department have conspired to acquire near-limitless power and control over biometric information collected on law-abiding individuals, millions of whom have never been accused of a crime.

Going far beyond the scope of those with criminal backgrounds, the FBI’s Next Generation Identification Database (NGID), a billion dollar boondoggle that is aimed at dramatically expanding the government’s ID database from a fingerprint system to a vast data storehouse of iris scans, photos searchable with face recognition technology, palm prints, and measures of gait and voice recordings alongside records of fingerprints, scars, and tattoos.

Launched in 2008, the NGID is a massive biometric database that contains more than 100 million fingerprints and 45 million facial photos gathered from a variety of sources ranging from criminal suspects and convicts to daycare workers and visa applicants, including millions of people who have never committed or even been accused of a crime.

In other words, innocent American citizens are now automatically placed in a suspect database.

The information is being amassed through a variety of routine procedures, with the police leading the way as prime collectors of biometrics for something as non-threatening as a simple moving violation. The nation’s courts are also doing their part to “build” the database, requiring biometric information as a precursor to more lenient sentences. And of course Corporate America (including Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) has made it so easy to use one’s biometrics to access everything from bank accounts to cell phones.

We’ve made it so easy for the government to target, identify and track us.

Add pre-crime programs into the mix with government agencies and corporations working in tandem to determine who is a potential danger and spin a sticky spider-web of threat assessments, behavioral sensing warnings, flagged “words,” and “suspicious” activity reports using automated eyes and ears, social media, behavior sensing software, and citizen spies, and you having the makings for a perfect dystopian nightmare.

This is the kind of oppressive pre-crime and pre-thought crime package foreshadowed by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Phillip K. Dick.

Remember, even the most well-intentioned government law or program can be—and has been—perverted, corrupted and used to advance illegitimate purposes once profit and power are added to the equation. In the hands of a police state, benevolent plans can easily be put to malevolent purposes.

Surveillance, digital stalking and the data mining of the American people add up to a society in which there’s little room for indiscretions, imperfections, or acts of independence.

This is the creepy, calculating yet diabolical genius of the American police state: the very technology we hailed as revolutionary and liberating has become our prison, jailer, probation officer, and Big Brother all rolled into one.

Without lawful protections in place to guard against encroachments on our freedoms when power, technology and militaristic governance converge, it won’t be long before we find ourselves looking back on the past with longing – back to an age where we could speak to whom we wanted, buy what we wanted, think what we wanted, and go where we wanted without those thoughts, words and movements being tracked, processed and stored by corporate giants such as Google, sold to government agencies such as the NSA and CIA, and used against us by militarized police with their army of futuristic technologies.

That moment of reckoning is getting closer by the minute.

In the meantime, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. And stock up on whatever you might need to survive this virus if it spreads to your community.

We are indeed vulnerable right now, but as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, it’s the American Surveillance State—not the coronavirus—that poses the greatest threat to our freedoms.


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Syria: It’s Not a Civil War and it Never Was

The weapons are foreign, the fighters are foreign, the agenda is foreign. As Syrian forces fight to keep control of their country and restore order within their borders, the myth of the “Syrian civil war” continues on. Undoubtedly there are Syrians who oppose the Syrian government and even Syrians who have taken up arms against the government and in turn, against the Syrian people, but from the beginning (in fact before the beginning) this war has been driven by outside interests. Calling it a “civil war” is a misnomer as much as calling the terrorists “internal opposition.” It is not a “civil war,” and those fighting the Syrian government are not “internal opposition.”

Those calling this a civil war and the terrorists fighting the Syrian state “civil opposition” hope that their audience never wanders too far from western media lies to understand the full context of this conflict, the moves made before it even started, and where those moves were made from.

When did this all start? 

It is a valid question to ask just when it all really started. The Cold War was a see-sawing struggle between East and West, between the United States with Europe (NATO) on one side and the Soviet Union and China on the other side. But the Cold War itself was a continuation of the geopolitical struggle that has carried on for a long time between world centers of power. The primary centers include Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, and Washington.

What has been portrayed as Syrias’ local conflict, has really been a much larger geopolitical struggle between these prominent centers of special interests.

Syria had maintained close ties to the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War. Even with the fall of the Soviet Union, Syria kept ties to Russia. It uses Russian weapons and tactics. It has economic, strategic and political ties to Russia and it shares mutual interests including the desire for a multipolar world order that emphasizes national sovereignty.

Because of this, Western centers of power have sought for decades to draw Syria out of this orbit (along with many other nations). With the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the fractured Middle East was first dominated by colonial Europe before being swept by nationalist uprisings seeking independence. Those seeking to avoid Western colonial control pursued cut with the West and sought Soviet backing, while those seeking simply to rise to power at any cost often sought Western backing.

The 2011 conflict was not Syria’s first. The Muslim Brotherhood, a creation of the British Empire since the fall of the Ottomans, was backed in the late 70s  and early 80s in an abortive attempt to overthrow then Syrian President Hafez al-Assad, father of current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The armed militants that took part in that conflict would be scattered in security crackdowns following in its wake, with many members of the Muslim Brotherhood forming a new US-Saudi initiative called Al Qaeda. Both the Brotherhood and now Al Qaeda would stalk and attempt to stunt the destiny of an independent Middle East from then on, up to and including present day.

There is nothing “civil” about Syria’s war

In this context, we see clearly Syria’s most recent conflict is part of this wider struggle and is in no way a “civil war.” The conflict is not from within the nation. Outside interests are invading and fomenting the war.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its Al Qaeda spin-off were present and accounted for since 2011. By the end of 2011, Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise (Al Nusra) would be carrying out nationwide terrorist operations on a scale dwarfing other so-called “rebel groups.” These groups were financed by immense resources and support flowing to them from beyond the borders.

Saudi Arabia openly arms, funds and provides political support for many of the militant groups operating in Syria since the beginning. In fact, recently, many of these groups, including allies of Al Qaeda itself, were present in Riyadh discussing with their Saudi sponsors the future of their joint endeavor.

Together with Al Nusra, there is the self-anointed Islamic State (IS).  IS, like the Syrian conflict itself, was portrayed by the Western media for as long as possible as an interstate creation. The source of its military and political strength was left a mystery by the otherwise omniscient Western intelligence community. But eventually Russian increased its involvement in the conflict. When Russian warplanes began pounding convoys moving to and from Turkish territory, bound for IS, the truth became obvious. IS, like all other militant groups operating in Syria, were the recipients of generous, unending stockpiles of weapons, equipment, cash and fighters piped in from around the globe, orchestrated by the West.

The Syrian conflict was borne of organizations created decades ago by centers of foreign interests who have since fought on and off not for the future of the Syrian people, but for a Syrian puppet state that meshed more conveniently into a foreign global order. The conflict has been fueled by a torrent of weapons, cash, support and even fighters drawn not from among the Syrian people, but from the very centers of these foreign special interests; in Riyadh, Ankara, London, Paris, Brussels and Washington.

How to settle a civil war that doesn’t exist?

If the Syrian conflict was created by decades of foreign interests fueling militant groups and executing foreign policy (in and out of Syria), amounting to what is essentially a proxy invasion, not a civil war, how exactly can a “settlement” be reached?

Who should the Syrian government be talking to in order to reach this settlement? Should it be talking to the heads of Al Nusra and IS who represent foreign interests and clearly are fighting Damascus? Should Syria be talking to those who have been the paramount perpetrators if the conflict: Riyadh, Ankara, London, Paris, Brussels and Washington, all of whom appear involved in supporting even the most extreme among these militant groups?

If Damascus finds itself talking with political leaders in these foreign capitals, is it settling a “civil war?” Or is this a war it is fighting with these foreign powers? Upon the world stage, it is clear that these foreign capitals speak entirely for the militant terrorists, and to no one’s surprise, these terrorists seem to want exactly what their foreign financiers want.

Being honest about what sort of conflict Syria is really fighting is the first step in finding a real solution to end it. The West continues to insist this is a “civil war.” This allows them to continue to influence the outcome of the conflict and shape the state of Syria. By claiming that the Syrian government has lost all legitimacy, the West further strengthens its own hand.

Attempts to strip the Syrian government of legitimacy predicated on the fact that it has stood and fought groups of armed militants arrayed against it by an axis of foreign interests would set a very dangerous and unacceptable precedent. It is no surprise that Syria finds itself with an increasing number of allies in this fight as other nations observe and realize they will be next if the West’s “Syria model” is a success.

Acknowledging that Syria’s ongoing conflict is the result of foreign aggression against Damascus would make the solution very simple. The solution would be to allow Damascus to restore order within its borders while taking action either at the UN or on the battlefield against those nations fueling violence aimed at Syria. Perhaps the clarity of this solution is why those behind this conflict have tried so hard to portray it as a civil war.

For those who have been trying to make sense of the Syrian “civil war” since 2011, the explanation is simple. It isn’t a civil war and it never was. Understanding it as a proxy conflict from the very beginning (or even before it began) will give you a clarity in perception that will aid you immeasurably in understanding the obvious causes.


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“New cases of flu in China continue to decline, according to its latest numbers as of March 2, World Health Organization Director said during a press briefing in Geneva.” – CNBC


“Steep decline in Coronavirus cases in China: WHO expert.” – Economic Times


“China reported a major drop in new coronavirus cases.”  – FOX NEWS


“The number of new cases of novel coronavirus in China has dropped for a second straight day. Decline in new coronavirus cases raises hopes in China.” – Associated Press


The Fake News Networks are now reporting that the number of new cases of flu in China is declining sharply.

Are they right? Well, they aren’t in the business to be right. Their job is to report what they are told to report. So now they are being told to report that new cases are declining sharply.

If this is true, I’m not surprised. The Lancet Medical Journal predicts that the flu cases, worldwide, will peak in April, and then decline sharply and bottom out in June. One more pandemic scare will be done – but the objectives (scare the people, create more government control, cause a temporary drop in the economy, and sell vaccinations) will be accomplished.


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Jon Rappoport

A grisly old PR pro waddles into a conference room where elite technocrats are waiting for his assessment of propaganda issues. He sits down, looks around, and says, “If you’re going to launch a phony epidemic, the ideal place for it is mainland China. The government will lock down that country quicker than a missile fired from a drone. And then nobody will be able to figure out what’s going on. Which is exactly what you want. You can say there are a million epidemic cases, you can say thousands of people are dropping dead on the street, you can say it’s a bioweapon or a bat virus, you can especially say the government there is reacting beautifully, and that we should all look to the Chinese example of how to run things. Because that’s how you want things to be run everywhere, right? China is perfect for a phony epidemic. How are people going to figure out it’s a fake pandemic behind the lockdown? Whereas, say, in a place like Brazil, there are still a few freedoms and a little leeway, and people can ask questions…”

Things are changing quickly. By the time this is published, the situation may have changed.

Right now, world trading markets are taking a major hit. Governments are blowing the dust off their old pandemic plans and feeding details to click-hungry press outlets. “We may have to use stadiums for mass quarantines of suspected epidemic cases…” “We have to cancel large events.” Apparently, China has a hundred million people in some form of lockdown.

There is no doubt that this insanity can continue, regardless of the facts: who cares whether researchers ever really discovered the COV virus; who cares that diagnostic tests are worthless for defining a case of COV; who cares that case numbers can be inflated without evidence; who cares that environmental factors in China (deadly air pollution, 5G technology rollout) can explain why people there are falling ill.

Public health officials and governments know they can SAY anything they want to, thereby exacerbating the fear and the lies. And on that basis, they can declare emergencies and quarantines and lockdowns and the closure of businesses and the cessation of trade. They can bring police or troops to an area to “secure order.”

And the craziest part of all this is, huge numbers of people will automatically believe that such extreme measures somehow prove THE VIRUS is dangerous. The effect proves the cause. This notion was rebuked and throttled by Aristotle in ancient Greece, but armies of zombie-like citizens still accept it.


The basic answer is: it has levels. Different players in different positions gain a piece of the pie. For example, pharma gets to sell immense amounts of highly toxic antiviral drugs, and gets to develop and sell an enormously profitable toxic vaccine. National militaries lick their chops and anticipate moving into big cities and maintaining order. The collection of entities I call the medical cartel gets to exert more influence over the minds of billions of people: “medical diagnosis and treatment, from birth to death, is absolutely essential for the survival of life on planet Earth.” That’s a BIG one. Understand: when the drugs and vaccines are toxic, the citizens are debilitated, and thus easier to manage.

Long-term, the medical cartel is the most powerful wing of the Brave New World, also known as Globalism. Also known as Technocracy.

Technocracy: With the rollout of 5G the so-called Internet of Things really takes off. Smart cars, smart homes, smart cities. A trillion devices are connected; and a result, a worldwide Energy Authority can truly take its place in the foreground. Meaning? The real-time monitoring of all energy production AND use on the planet can be measured—and energy-use quotas can be established for individuals and nations, “for the good of all.”

It’s called CONTROL.

China is making lemonade out of the lemons of the “coronavirus crisis,” as we speak. It’s moving ahead with the building of many smart cities. And the government has the power to move huge numbers of people into the cities, where wall-to-wall surveillance will be the order of the day, “in order to predict future epidemics before they happen.” The Internet of Things will allow all sorts of automatic quotas to be imposed on the citizenry. Food, energy, travel, etc. And then you have automated diagnosis of illness and mandatory treatment—another nightmare.

It’s called CONTROL.

Globalism/technocracy is flexing muscles and producing hits on national economies. It’s testing its ability to do damage in that area. It needs to level out economies in many countries, in order to take them over to a greater degree. Declared fake epidemics are a tool for that purpose.

In this regard, consider what happens in any serious economic downturn or recession. It’s what I would call Operation Close-Out, better known as Consolidation. Wealthy players, aided by banks, move in, sniff out major businesses and companies that are now on the edge of failure, and buy them out. The wealthy own more; the newly poor own less.

Of course, with foreknowledge of plunging trading markets—which these players have—a prime opportunity opens up for shorting stocks, monitoring them on the way down, and selling them off at the bottom. Another bonanza. Another version of Consolidation.

As I said, the real operation here has levels. Different players on different places of the power ladder reap benefits.

Never forget that the World Health Organization (WHO)—along with the US Centers for Disease Control—operates these fake epidemics on the medical side. WHO is a branch of the Globalist fortress called the United Nations. WHO has its sleazy hands on medical bureaucrats in every nation on Earth, and it can threaten a government which doesn’t react with sufficient alarm, when the preferred phony picture of an epidemic is floated for public consumption.

The United Nations, to make a very long story short, wants a borderless, non-national, planned planet. Kinder and gentler. Ruled from the top. By technocrats.

One of its wet dreams is fake pandemics.

The age-old theme of Order from Chaos advances front and center. From the chaos of a pandemic, new layers of control will be imposed—and received with open arms. How much Order? That’s always decided on the basis of an experiment. An exercise. A test. Which is what this COV operation is. Among the many questions the show runners are asking: how big an economic hit will nations, particularly, China, be willing to take; how much pushback, if any, will come from the citizenry; how tightly will medical researchers march on the narrow road of their preposterous fake findings without rebelling; under the auspices of emergency aid, how much money can be stolen, siphoned off, and placed into favored pockets; during the manufactured epidemic crisis, and in the aftermath, how much surveillance will citizens be willing to stomach; with what degree of acquiescence will people accept the announced end of the pandemic; how badly can we affect national treasuries?

And so on and so forth. All standard inquiries, forming the basis of confidential after-operation reports. Along with, of course, prospective estimates of what can be accomplished next time, in a new and improved experiment.

How thick can we slice the baloney next time?