“New cases of flu in China continue to decline, according to its latest numbers as of March 2, World Health Organization Director said during a press briefing in Geneva.” – CNBC


“Steep decline in Coronavirus cases in China: WHO expert.” – Economic Times


“China reported a major drop in new coronavirus cases.”  – FOX NEWS


“The number of new cases of novel coronavirus in China has dropped for a second straight day. Decline in new coronavirus cases raises hopes in China.” – Associated Press


The Fake News Networks are now reporting that the number of new cases of flu in China is declining sharply.

Are they right? Well, they aren’t in the business to be right. Their job is to report what they are told to report. So now they are being told to report that new cases are declining sharply.

If this is true, I’m not surprised. The Lancet Medical Journal predicts that the flu cases, worldwide, will peak in April, and then decline sharply and bottom out in June. One more pandemic scare will be done – but the objectives (scare the people, create more government control, cause a temporary drop in the economy, and sell vaccinations) will be accomplished.


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