The Air War In Afghanistan Expands. Why? Under What Pretense?

[Did you think the US war on Afghanistan was done, or winding down? Think again. But why are we there? Are Americans threatened by the Taliban tribes? Why is the US Military spending billion$ to wage war on them? For what? How does the US benefit from bombing and killing poor villagers on the other side of the world? What is the purpose? Is it for oil? Or the poppy harvest for Heroin? What shady western industries are benefiting? They are certainly not bombing the villages to protect America!]

Jan., 28, 2020 – Information Clearing House

Under the Trump administration U.S. air attacks in Afghanistan have sharply increased. But it now seems that the Taliban have acquired some means to counter them.

Last year the U.S. dropped a record number of bombs on Afghanistan leading to ever increasing casualties among civilians:

According to the Combined Forces Air Component Commander (CFACC) 2013-2019 Airpower Statistics released in late January, 7,423 missions flown in Afghanistan in 2019 resulted in weapons being released. There were more weapon releases in most months of the year than in any corresponding months since records were first released in 2009, with September recording the most for the year at 948.

The previous annual record was 7,362 set in 2018, and the last two years together have seen more weapon releases over Afghanistan than the combined number for 2012 through to 2017.

Twenty bombing strikes per day is a quite astonishing number. Many civilians get killed in this U.S. bombing campaign. The U.S. often seems not to know who it is hitting. This report from last week is typical:

A drone attack carried out by U.S. forces earlier this month in western Afghanistan that apparently targeted a splinter Taliban group also killed at least 10 civilians, including three women and three children, an Afghan rights official and a council member said Wednesday.

The U.S. military and its allies and Afghan proxies are not the only ones fighting. The Taliban can hit back at helicopters and planes and, judging from the number of recent air incidents, they now have found effective means to do so. Two days ago they destroyed another US helicopter.

This is the 4th helicopter that went down in January

Four helicopter losses in one month is quite significant.



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